YOU can help us!

Sexual abuse scars a person for life.
We want to draw attention to this.
Which is why we need your help.

The Peter John Schouten Foundation seeks financial support for the translation of the book Traumaseksualiteit (Traumasexuality) into English.

Sufferers and peer advisers can identify with what Peter John Schouten describes about the damage and consequences of sexual abuse in this book.

What happens to a child that is involved in an adult’s sexuality?

This is extremely shocking when it occurs.
As a child, you are damaged by sexual abuse.

The result is that you become a traumasexual
and that you are left with a mental paraplegia.

The book is not only ground-breaking for the Netherlands, but internationally it is also of such relevance that the Peter John Schouten Foundation is determined to have it translated into English.

We have already found a translator, but we do not have sufficient funds, at present, to instruct him to start work. Are you able to and/or would you be prepared to help through making a donation towards this valuable project and/or through drawing the attention of others to this project? We need to raise 13,000 euro.

Donations can be transferred to bank account number NL18 TRIO 0391 1583 25 in the name of Peter John Schouten Stichting, stating “translation book”.

The foundation has PBO status. So your donation is tax deductible within the scope of gifts made to charitable organisations in the Netherlands.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please send an email to ( or contact our treasurer Paul van Dam (tel.: 06 3038 5515).